Classroom Management at Oasis Church

KidsWorld, at Oasis Church, provides children’s classes during 13 church services per week.  We have three campuses, one of which holds nightly services.  One of the ways we keep our many volunteers united and pursuing a common goal is to have Multi-Campus Quarterly Team Meetings.   At our last team meeting, we talked about at curriculum change and our events for the year, but the bulk of our time was spent on Classroom and Behavior Managment.

Having taught in a public school classroom for six years, and in a preschool setting for two years, I know how challenging classroom mangement can be.  Decreasing interruptions and re-occuring behavioral incidents, can really increase a teacher’s satisfaction with teaching.  After all, it allows the teacher to do more of what he/she loves – which is teaching!!  Below is a link to the outline I constructed for our seminar.  I allowed two hours for food, fellowship and training.  I should have allowed at least three hours!  In fact, this would have been best taught in two sessions: whole Group, then age specific breakouts, with breaks before and after each.  That was our orignal plan; which, got derailed when our time ran out.  Our training went well; however, our infant through preschool group would have really benefitted from a small group time to express issues specific to their group and to develop common strategies.  Below, is the link to the training document I used.



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