Very Proud of My Hubby

kioskMy hubby and his business partner Stephen have created an amazing new church managment software called Ministry Platform.  I’m incredibly proud of him (and Stephen) and the result of their five years of labor on this project.  Ministry Platform is at use in two very large churches already and Oasis, our home church, is now in the process of changing systems to use Ministry Platform for all of our events, communications, data, and Children’s Check in.  Heck, it probably does more, but I’m still learning how to use these parts.

I’m the Children’s Director at our Church.  Almost three years ago we went through a month’s worth of stressful weekends to get the Shelby check in system up and running and error free.  It has served us well since that time and it’s been a major plus to check in kids at unattended kiosk stations.  It was amazing though to see how easily our congregation switched over to checking in  on Ministry Platform’s system this weekend.  We had no major issues.  In fact, at least half of the families checking in did it intuitively and with no assistance from us.  We didn’t even have a pre-training session for our Welcome Center attendants and we made it through.  Simply teaching them how to enter new guest’s info when they showed up at their regular time to serve.

I’m very pleased with our switch over.  I especially like how great our kiosks look now with the customizable interface we have now.  Our church’s graphic artist, Natalie, has us looking good.  Thanks Kev and Natalie!!!!


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